Videos are nothing short of being magical. A good video leaves you with a feeling of Wow! I the last decade because of global revolution in smartphones and CCTV cameras, immeasurable terabytes of video footage is being recorded. Of which some recordings are one in a million types. Simply priceless. They capture a moment in life. It could be simple pleasures of a baby giggling or a shocking a truck accident, a dancer’s superb moves or a failed prank. One cannot search for these videos, because it is difficult to know in what part of the world an awesome moment was captured and shared on social media. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way how all these amazing videos would just flow into my phone or PC, whenever I felt like watching them. Just pure awesomeness no marketing stuff, no ads no cliché clips of family holidays or birthday parties, just me and my short funny videos in an endless stream

Now I’ll tell you why I love short videos. I live by truisms like Small is beautiful, Keep it Short and Simple, Short is the new Big. Most people like me are short of time. Even when they are unoccupied, their attention span is so limited. We get distracted too fast. People judge in an instant whether they like stuff or not. Awesomeness can’t be faked. People are too smart now. They don’t tolerate mediocrity anymore. They just want the best and more often they get it. Shorter videos are also faster to download, buffer or play. They don’t test the viewers’ patience, so it’s easy on their nerves. More short videos can be consumed in a few minutes. No long hours need to be committed. Just play, watch and move on. Watch them anywhere, anytime you have a few spare minutes. So just keep watching funny short videos.Have fun.