Remote show innovation is rapidly getting to be predominant, even standard foundation for meeting rooms and classrooms over the globe. Making shows remotely available engages the members in a space to share data all the more uninhibitedly and actually, enhancing meeting results and profitability.

On the other hand, enterprise wireless display solutions are productivity-focused and usually support a broader range of content (like business applications, presentations, etc.) as well as a broader range of user devices (like Windows, Apple, and Android). However even within the ‘productivity-focused’ category, there is a lot of distinction and variation between solutions in terms of features and the overall approach to wireless screen sharing. Here are a few factors that we think are the most important and distinguish our Solstice wireless display solution from the pack.

Unlimited users with unlimited sharing. The single biggest factor that sets Solstice apart from other wireless display solutions is that Solstice supports any number of connected users sharing any amount of content on the display simultaneously. Thanks to Solstice’s unique software architecture – vs the hardware-based solutions in market – Solstice users are not locked into a single person connected and sharing or even quad view/sharing. Instead, any number of Solstice users can connect and share any amount of content at once, supporting any type of meeting – from a single-presenter session, to an auditorium full of collaborators each sharing content simultaneously.

Customizable layouts and user control. In addition to supporting unlimited users and sharing, only Solstice gives connected users control of both the media content shared (e.g. any users can pause or play a video shared by another user) AND control of the layout of the content on the screen. Users can arrange, move, delete, and scale content posts to achieve the layout that best serves their particular meeting. The result is more engaged meeting participants and higher fidelity results based on user-controlled content and layouts customized for the task at hand.

Future-Proof Software Architecture. Solstice is a software-based wireless presentation solution which means that, in addition to it’s unique features, new features are added quickly and frequently and are accessible via over-the-air software updates. We think this is really important for an emerging technology like wireless displays because user requirements are still being defined. With Solstice, customers aren’t limited to the features available on the date of purchase. Additionally, the software-based wireless display solution leverages previous investments in the meeting room equipment and infrastructure, such as existing in-room PCs and WiFi/Ethernet networks.