Saral Rozgar, a job portal for Blue-Collared job seekers, is recently launched by Bharti Airtel and Tech Mahindra’s wholly-owned subsidiary CanvasM Technologies. The job seeker can now easily register themselves on the portal and apply for jobs through a simple voice call by dialing 54141 on their Airtel mobile number.The company’s mobile customers can subscribe the service for monthly rental of Rs 30. We will see the features and benefits of Saral Rozgar in this article.

About Saral Rozgar:

Saral Rozgar is a mobile job marketplace that helps blue collared and entry level job seekers to connect to mainstream employers anywhere in India via mobile in their own language in an affordable manner. It aims to provide a connect jobs seekers below graduate level and job providers. Saral Rozgar serves the society by creating job market for “blue collared job seekers” and the “job providers”. This low cost service enables job seekers to find suitable job for themselves by creating profile and helping jobs for telecaller providers to access this huge pool of registered job seekers over WEB/WAP or IVR. Saral Rozgar takes the blue collar job ecosystem to the next level and connects the two ends through mobile phone as a medium.

How Saral Rozgar works:

Job seekers can now easily access the service by buying the Saral Rozgar card for Rs. 50 and registering through a simple voice call, in their preferred language, by dialling 1860—180—1100 from anywhere in India. The portal also helps jobseekers to create their first ever resumes online and connecting them to potential corporate and mainstream employers. Additionally, SMEs or Entrepreneurs can also reach them via voice call, he added.

What is the Aim of this Saral Rozgar Portal:

As per their estimation, currently there are over 37 crore blue collared workers who are unskilled or semi—skilled. Their aim is to reduce this socio—economic imbalance and bridge the digital divide by ensuring that job seekers get ample job opportunities. Presently, Saral Rozgar has over 1 lakh jobs in Lucknow in more than 100 job categories. In Delhi and NCR region, They have more than 15,000 jobs identified in major industrial clusters of Dharuhera, Manesar, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Sahibabad and Dadri.

Who will benefit from Saral Rozgar Job Portal:

The top job categories in demand are retail, accounting, tailor, electrician, machine operator, cooks, security guards, F&B executives, delivery boys among others. Saral Rozgar cards will be available in more than 1 lakh point of sale outlets with telecom recharge retailers across the country. Mobile customers across the country, especially in the semi—urban and rural parts can now easily subscribe to the service by buying the job card for an affordable price of Rs. 50 and availing the service for 60 days. By removing the involvement of any intermediaries, Saral Rozgar reduces the cost of hiring

Features of Saral Rozgar:

· Availability on all mediums – Voice and WEB as per the usage of job seekers and job providers.

· For the first time, voice based Profile Creation.

· Creation of an organized database for the largely unorganized blue-collared industry.

· Easy to use and customer support handholding for the “job seekers” to remove any inhibitions they may have during the Registration process.

· Multi-way communication between “job seekers” and “job providers” through SMS and Voice Call alerts, Voice Call alerts and directly connect over voice call.

· A channel for small handymen businesses to reach out to customers, and correspondingly, a channel for normal households to meet daily requirements of odd jobs such as Electricians, etc.

· Location based mapping, aiding both “job seekers” and “job providers” in local search of jobs and workforce respectively.

Business Benefits:

· Strengthen presence across all segments of the society covering Rural Markets, Low Income Workers & also High Income individuals/corporate/SMEs.

· Complete ready to use Ecosystem with organized database, built and operated by CanvasM.

· Access to a huge untapped market resulting in huge revenues.

· Possibility of Cross-Selling & promotions between Saral Audience & audience.

· Targeted Advertising to the Bottom of Pyramid Subscribers.

· Increased value to existing Subscribers & improved loyalty.

· One stop shop for getting the employment & Manpower.


Creating a Job portal for un-organized sector is a most welcome concept. This will not only help the right job for right people but also increase the productivity in the country. Many more such concepts are required in the country to Build India.